What will the lasting effects of COVID-19 be on the restaurant industry?

Restaurants, coffee shops, Mom & Pop eateries, food trucks and halls… COVID-19’s impact on the restaurant industry is vast. As more information is released about openings, it’s common to wonder what the restaurant industry might look like post-pandemic. Here are a few things we’re expecting:

Distanced Tables & Diners

While it’s unclear how long social distancing suggestions will be in place, many customers will likely be sensitive to proper spacing for the foreseeable future. Spreading tables apart and keeping walkways open to the restrooms, pay counters and front door help ensure distancing. If there are places in your operation where customers may have to wait in line – such as a condiment station, a hostess stand or a pay counter, floor graphics provide a visual reminder for customers and show that you care. Additionally, table and seat signs provide a reminder across the restaurant so that proper spacing is followed.

Emphasis on Cleaning

Frequent cleaning of tables, chairs, bathrooms, door handles and other frequently touched items will be paramount to ensure customers feel safe in restaurant spaces. Sanitized labels make it clear that items have been cleaned between patrons and are ready for use. Labels are made with an easy-to-remove adhesive and include space to note the employee name, time and date of cleaning.  

Continued Increase in Takeout & Delivery Options

Takeout, delivery and curbside pickup orders kept businesses alive during shutdowns; those who had not offered this option to customers before may continue to do so post-pandemic, especially with reduced capacity and spacing constraints. Even though customers will not be in your restaurant enjoying their order, using tamper-evident labels ensures tampering and contamination doesn’t occur between your restaurant and the dinner table.

Ultimately, restaurants will look different post-pandemic. But with increased cleaning, proper distancing and continued takeout and delivery opportunities, we’ll get through this together.