SecureIt™ Tamper-Evident Labels

With an aggressive adhesive and special cut marks that break if tampered with, SecureIt™ tamper-evident labels provide extra peace of mind for customers. 
custom labels for contract foodservice products

SecureIt™ labels are specially designed to adhere securely to a variety of packaging, including paper, plastic, foil and cardboard, yet are easily opened by the customer.

Custom SecureIt™ labels are also available. Labels can be customized with your logo, fonts, coloring and more. This extra touch elevates your brand and brings it to life.

Labels can be purchased through a preferred foodservice distributor or click “Buy Now” below.

SecureIt Sample Sheet

Did you know?



of customers would prefer tamper-evident packaging for delivery orders.*


of drivers admitted to taking a bite of the order they were delivering.*


of drivers admitted to considering testing food after smelling the order.*

A Simple Safety Solution

Provide extra peace of mind for your business and customers by implementing SecureIt™ labels for all pre-packaged, to-go and delivery food.

Custom SecureIt™ Labels

Request a free custom quote today. No sticky residue attached.

Custom SecureIt™ Labels Quote

Dcg Labels Tamper Evident

NCCO also offers SecureIt™ labels for the Date Code Genie®.


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