Healthcare Facilities

Building a healthier foodservice operation

As a foodservice provider operating in the healthcare industry, you face a wide variety of unique challenges. For starters, you’re under increased pressure to improve the quality of your food while maintaining or even reducing costs. The shift to value- and outcome-based care has put financial pressure on healthcare organizations of all types, and foodservice operations are not exempt from the drive to control costs. 

At the same time, patients, staff and visitors bring increasingly sophisticated tastes requiring contemporary menu items and service options. They also bring an ever-evolving set of dietary preferences and requirements, including food allergies and sensitivities. The number of hospitals offering room service and meals on demand continues to increase as administrators look to improve patient satisfaction and reduce food waste. 

Add the challenges of finding, training and retaining quality workers – the challenge is clear. In any caregiving environment, foodservice providers are judged on the safety and quality of their food and the condition of their kitchens. 

NCCO helps improve operational efficiency, improves food safety and enhances visitor and patient experience in all healthcare environments.


Food Safety Labeling

Serving food that is both nutritious and safe is essential in healthcare settings. Using masking tape for food labeling invites inefficiencies, safety issues and cross-contamination – and is less likely to pass health inspections. NCCO’s DateIt system makes properly labeling food easy, ensures food is used in proper rotation, which reduces waste for your operation.

Automated Labeling

The DateCodeGenie® makes it easy to pre-program and print custom labels at the touch of a button. This system offers unmatched flexibility – print prep labels, grab-and-go labels, patient line labels and more. The easy-to-use label designer makes creating descriptive labels with allergens, nutrition information, barcodes and more a breeze. Your labels show patients and customers dedication to high-quality, professional offerings while increasing awareness of your brand.


Food Safety Training

Food safety starts with a staff well-trained in proper food handling protocols. Given the realities of staff turnover and the challenges of in-house training, an online course from NCCO helps ensure your kitchen is up to speed on food safety. Courses are offered 100% online and can be purchased in bulk for use across multiple locations. With an entertaining and educational approach, Always Food Safe’s video courses allows learners to see the mistakes, remember critical points and look forward to learning more.

Register Rolls

NCCO produces BPA-free thermal rolls simplifying challenges and eliminating excess waste for all POS system printers. Our rolls are high-quality and guaranteed exact length, each featuring a unique adhesive-free starter edge that makes roll change frustrations in your cafeteria a thing of the past.


Custom Labels

Custom printed labels are an easy, cost-effective way to healthcare facilities to brand food items in your cafeterias, gift shops, vending machines and more. Custom printed labels convey your brand, make a long-lasting impression and set you apart from the competition all while being easy to store and use.  We’ll help you choose the size, shape, colors and adhesives that best meet the needs of your operation.

Tray Cards

Ensure order accuracy using paper tray cards. Patient menu selections can be printed with specific food requirements and room number.


First Aid Kits

Our complete line of First Aid Kits and components help make OSHA/ANSI compliance simple. Specially designed cases, component boxes and our SmartTab® refill system work together to maintain consistent, organized supplies while giving you complete control. No bulk refills or service charges for things you don’t need — just order what you’d like to refill. Our SmartTab refill system and order history reporting help you track which supplies are used the most. Kits are available for all areas of your operation.