The changing landscape for school food service operators.

When you’re focused on serving healthy, balanced student meals, food allergies, sensitivities and other food safety requirements are top of mind. Food allergies, plus changing dietary needs and regulations means school food service operators are hypersensitive when it comes to protecting students. 

The School Nutrition Association states that “As more students suffer from food allergies, school nutrition professionals must identify potential allergens and protect affected children as they select their meals.” 

The School Nutrition Association also requires school meal programs to implement a food safety program based on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point principles and receive two required health/safety inspections for each school kitchen. 

The rise of Grab & Go: How students eat is changing. 

The School Nutrition Association also found that “Grab-and-Go” kiosks outside the cafeteria have gained in popularity in middle and high schools, with this service option now available in 62% of school districts nationwide. 

NCCO can help you serve safer, more nutritious food while accommodating the changing needs of today’s students. 

Food Safety Products

Use DateIt™ labels to enhance your cafeteria food safety.  Choose shelf-life, use-by or use first labels, or opt for labels that are color-coded by the day of the week. The RSCHOOLKIT is specially made with schools in mind with only Mon-Fri and Use First labels. All labels are available in removable, dissolvable, permanent and reusable adhesives. 

When food is prepped and stored with freshness information, rotating and using food in a timely manner becomes second nature. 

Similarly, properly labeling both raw ingredients and prepared foods that contain potential allergens — including nuts, peanuts, gluten, dairy, etc. — is key to protecting students from inadvertent exposure to allergens and sensitivities. 


Automated Labeling

The DateCodeGenie® can also handle all food safety rotation labeling needs. Print custom labels on your choice of stock and that have your logo and branding. You can even upload and print your school mascot on labels and create messages for students.   

Additionally, the DateCodeGenie excels at producing proper pre-packaged grab-and-go labels. Descriptions, prices, sell-by dates, nutritional information and allergen ingredients are important components that are easy to include. Enter the information for each item just once and print the exact label you need at the touch of a button. Branded labels are a great opportunity for your vending machines, grab-and-go items and for concession stands at events.  

First Aid for the Cafeteria

NCCO’s complete line of First Aid Kits and components help make OSHA/ANSI compliance simple. The specially designed cases, component boxes and our SmartTab® refill system work together to maintain consistent, organized supplies while giving you complete control. No bulk refills or service charges for things you don’t need — just order what do need. We offer a variety of kits for every situation – for cafeterias, kitchens, classrooms, offices, gyms and more – and our SmartTab refill system and order history reporting help you track which supplies are used the most.


Food Handler Safety Training

As the number of children who are affected by food allergies and sensitivities rises, proper food handling is essential in education environments. With an entertaining and educational approach, Always Food Safe’s 100% online video courses features real people in kitchens, so learners see mistakes, remember critical points and look forward to learning more.

Custom Labels

Custom printed labels are an easy, cost-effective way to increase school spirit by adding your school mascot to grab and go items in the cafeteria, at events and in vending machines. We’ll help you choose the size, shape, colors and adhesives that best meet your needs.