Ghost Kitchens

Get the Tools You Need to Run a Successful Ghost Kitchen

Ghost kitchens, cloud kitchens, dark kitchens—whatever you call them—are they the way of the future?

We can’t say for certain.  

But what we can tell you for sure is that we offer a variety of solutions to help your ghost kitchen run smoothly and maximize efficiency—should you decide to take the leap.

Here are the essentials you’ll need to run a ghost kitchen:


Automated Labeling System

What makes a ghost kitchen profitable? The short answer—efficiency and cost-reduction.

For ghost kitchens to hit the mark in these two areas, they need to keep inventory organized, reduce food waste, and minimize labeling errors. An automated labeling system like the DateCodeGenie® can help.

The DateCodeGenie allows ghost kitchen staff to create and customize labels for almost anything that needs labeling. This includes labels to help ghost kitchen staff keep track of which prep ingredients belong to which brand (since ghost kitchens often host several different brands at a time).

Ingredients lists, nutritional information, price, logos, use-by dates, inventory labels, tamper-evident labels—the DateCodeGenie can customize, store, and print it all with the click of a button. Easy.

An efficient labeling system can also help ghost kitchen cooks and delivery drivers keep track of orders easier. This helps each order make it to the right customer, which increases customer retention and satisfaction.

NCCO offers several DateCodeGenie models—including the DateCodeGenie Lite and the DateCodeGenie Fit—that work especially well for ghost kitchens because of their smaller footprints.

SecureIt Tamper-Evident Labels

A safe and positive experience—that’s what keeps customers loyal to your brand. Part of creating that memorable experience means reassuring patrons that their delivery orders are safe to enjoy by the time they arrive.

SecureIt tamper-evident labels make that possible.

Every time your customers receive an order that’s sealed with an unbroken SecureIt label, they can trust that their food is safe to enjoy. That extra reassurance allows your customers to fully enjoy their meals and create a positive association with your brand.

NCCO manufactures several tamper-evident labels that work for drinks, to-go bags, clam-shell boxes, and many other types of containers. Thanks to their strong adhesive that resists moisture, SecureIt labels adhere to paper, plastic, foil, and most other common materials used in to-go containers.


Custom SecureIt Labels

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Food Safety Training by Always Food Safe

As an ANSI accredited, e-learning provider, Always Food Safe offers food protection manager, food handler, and allergen awareness training courses that help ghost kitchen staff adhere to safety guidelines. Always Food Safe films its courses in catering kitchens—not fabricated sets—and provides curriculum-based learning linked to “real life” situations.

Since they take place 100% online, Always Food Safe courses fit easily into the schedules of ghost kitchen staff members who might not necessarily have the time or space to complete training while on the job.

Custom Labels

Custom printed labels provide an easy, cost-effective way to bring your personal touch into the dining experience for customers ordering delivery food through ghost kitchens. Custom labels increase brand awareness, distinguish you from the competition, and give your food an extra-professional look.

When your customers share a picture of tonight’s meal on social media, you’ll want your logo to be front and center. Make that free advertising possible with custom labels from NCCO.

Through our network of distributors across the US and Canada, we’ll make sure your ghost kitchen gets the labels it needs exactly when it needs them.


First Aid Kits

Our complete line of first aid kits and components help your ghost kitchen comply with OSHA/ANSI standards. The specially designed cases, component boxes, and SmartTab® refill system keep supplies neat and orderly.

Forget unnecessary bulk refills or service charges. Just order what do need, and we’ll supply it.

Our SmartTab refill system and order history reporting help you track which supplies your staff uses most so that you can keep the essentials on hand and costs low.