A SecureIt™ label for every situation

Even as customers return to in-house dining, demand for delivery and takeout remains high. By providing an extra seal over the top of delivery orders and to-go containers, SecureIt™ tamper-evident labels keep containers closed and reassure customers that their food is safe and ready to enjoy—even if that means they’re enjoying your food from their dining room rather than your patio.

85% of customers* indicated they prefer restaurants and foodservice operations to use tamper-evident labels.
*Not all SecureIt™ styles are shown. NCCO offers several other styles. See below for more information.

Because foodservice operations use a wide range of to-go containers, the SecureIt line includes a variety of labels. Each label features an aggressive adhesive and special security cutmarks that tear if tampered with while food is in transit.

Eight SecureIt labels for a variety of circumstances
*Not all SecureIt™ styles are shown above.
P159SI-2 shown above.
  • 1” × 3” Label: The smallest label from the SecureIt line, this label can secure sauces, side order containers, cardboard containers, foil wraps, and more. As the original member of the SecureIt line, this item is still one of our most popular SecureIt labels with restaurants across the world.

  • 1.5” × 6” and 2.5” × 6” Labels: A bigger take on the 1” × 3” label, these labels feature a place to record order information. Imagine you have an order with 6 boxes. Each label provides space to note the item number (1 of 6, 2 of 6, and so on) so that nothing is missing when the customer receives their order. This also helps with back-of-the-house order staging. This style accommodates medium and large packaging, bags, and more.

  • 1” × 7” Straw Label: Let’s not forget about drinks. This SecureIt label style is long enough to protect the top of a drink cup.

  • 1.5” × 9” and 1.5” × 8” Dome Lid Labels: As mentioned before, a variety of packaging options calls for a wide range of SecureIt labels. These two styles accommodate dome lid packaging.
    • The two styles feature a circular middle –  
      • 9” dome lid label center circle is perforated on either side (no adhesive in circle) so it doesn’t stick to food and can be easily removed by the customer.

  • 2″ × 4″ DCG and 2″ × 6″ DCG Labels: These two sizes work with the DateCodeGenie® automated labeling system. Pairing the DateCodeGenie with SecureIt allows you to print custom designs on each label—whether that’s a logo, nutritional information, a liquor license number, or just the customer’s name. Watch the video to learn more.

Simply peel and stick, and SecureIt labels are in action!

Using SecureIt labels could make all the difference in communicating to your customers, “We’re taking care of you. So, relax and enjoy your food.” Pair SecureIt labels with a Single 2″ or Single 1″ Roll Dispenser for even quicker application.

Want to take your brand awareness to the next level while protecting delivery and takeout orders? You can customize SecureIt labels to reflect your unique branding.

Add a logo, choose your colors, include branding motifs, and more. NCCO manufactures SecureIt labels in the United States, so ordering is simple and lead times are short. Request a quote.

*2019 US Foods Survey