What’s the deal with DateCodeGenie® prep & tamper-evident labels?

Dcg Labels Tamper Evident

You need an efficient labeling system that supports your unique foodservice operation. The DateCodeGenie®—along with its food prep and tamper-evident labels—can help your team save time and increase productivity with labeling delivery, takeout, prep ingredients, and to-go items.

Beyond printing labels for to-go and delivery, the DateCodeGenie can also create labels that help increase food safety in the kitchen. These DateCodeGenie food prep labels allow your team to effectively rotate food in order to reduce food spoilage and prevent foodborne illness. These labels also help your food operation avoid cross-contamination. FDA-approved labels are available in a variety of styles and are easily printed by the DateCodeGenie.

Instead of relying on ineffective handwritten labels or using masking tape, the DateCodeGenie automated labeling system allows you to create standardized labels that take the guesswork out of decoding poorly written food prep labels.

SecureIt™ labels for the DateCodeGenie provide a great option if your operation offers delivery or to-go food. The DateCodeGenie can easily print labels that include ingredients, nutritional facts, allergens, and sell-by dates. The labels are designed to be placed on disposable surfaces, such as plastic wrap, tinfoil, paper bags, and other common delivery containers. SecureIt labels for the DateCodeGenie work great for sandwiches and plastic containers used at convenience stores and other places offering to-go food, such as hospital cafes or delis on school campuses.

By sealing the tops of to-go containers and bags, SecureIt tamper-evident labels provide your customers extra peace of mind when they order takeout and delivery. Using the DateCodeGenie allows system administrators to customize certain SecureIt labels with order numbers, names, logos, timestamps, and other crucial information.

By increasing the efficiency of your labeling system, the DateCodeGenie will benefit your business by helping staff reduce food waste, protect customers from foodborne illnesses, and reduce the time it takes to label to-go, delivery, and prep items. For every label you need, there’s a single solution—the DateCodeGenie automated labeling system.

To learn more about how the DateCodeGenie can benefit your business, check out our DateCodeGenie product catalog.