Date Code Genie® Tamper Evident Labels

Dcg Labels Tamper Evident

You need an efficient system that supports your unique food operation. The Date Code Genie® and SecureIt™ Tamper Evident Labels will help you save time and increase productivity.

Instead of relying on ineffective handwritten labels or using masking tape, the Date Code Genie® allows you to create clearly organized labels that take the guesswork out of food descriptions, prep dates and expiration dates. You can also print labels with ingredient lists and allergens, so customers can feel confident when making their selection.

Food safety is a strong indicator to the health of your business and your customers. Labels can be used in prep kitchens, in the cooler and on to-go containers. They’ll allow you to effectively rotate food in order to reduce food spoilage and prevent foodborne illness. It also helps your food operation avoid cross-contamination. FDA-approved labels are available in a variety of styles and are easily printed by the Date Code Genie®.

SecureIt™ labels for the Date Code Genie® are a great option if your operation fulfills delivery or to-go food. The labels can easily be printed by the Date Code Genie® with all ingredients, nutrition facts, allergens and sell-by date included. The labels are designed to be placed on disposable surfaces, such as plastic wrap, tinfoil, paper bags and other delivery containers. They’re great for sandwiches and plastic containers used at convenience stores, and other places offering to-go food, such as hospital cafes. It must also be noted that they are food-safe.

Perhaps one of the greatest features of these labels is that they have special cuts that will break if they are tampered with. If someone goes through your convenience store and opens a sandwich, just to take a bite and place it back on the shelf (like the recent case of this in a convenience store in Pennsylvania), the seal will break and reveal that the item has been tampered with. These labels also work great for third-party delivery services that are working to prevent drivers for tampering with food before delivering it to the customer.

The Date Code Genie® will positively impact your business by eliminating food waste and protecting your customers from foodborne illnesses.