What’s the best receipt paper for my restaurant?

The restaurant industry is really at the foundation of social outings in the 21st century. People dine out for date nights, special occasions, holidays, birthdays, business meetings, networking activities; the reasons for restaurant dining are almost limitless. That said, many restaurants will close or switch owners in the first three years of operation. It’s important to plan, budget, and anticipate when you own a restaurant and coming up with the right strategy can be tricky. That includes finding the right supplies for your restaurant, which can be a challenge. You want to be economical in your choice but you also want whatever you choose to be quality and efficient.

One way you can optimize your restaurant’s efficiency without compromising quality is by choosing the right type of paper for your printing and order-taking needs. Whether it’s a POS system, credit card machine, or a kitchen receipt printer, you depend on your rolls to be high quality, long lasting, and there when you need them. Here’s a run-down of different paper types and what they mean:

One Ply Bond Rolls

One-Ply Bond

  1. One layer of paper
  2. Comes in various sizes
  3. Uses Earthsafe paper
Two Ply Rolls

Two-Ply Carbonless

  1. Features a duplicate copy
  2. Most common rolls used in kitchen printers
  3. Comes in various sizes
Thermal Rolls


  1. BPA-Free
  2. Heat-Sensitive
  3. Comes in various sizes

There are also several different paper options available for order-taking with GuestChecks™. You’ll find size and color options to help your restaurant be as efficient as possible. When the market is flooded with competition, it becomes increasingly important to stay organized, and deciding which paper type is best for your needs is a great place to start.

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