Using the GuestCheck™ to streamline delivery & takeout

To stay in business over the past year-and-a-half, restaurants, bars, and even c-stores have leaned hard on takeout, delivery, and grab-and-go orders. And while customers are back to dining in-house, delivery and takeout will likely remain an increasingly popular option—especially now that people are in the habit of ordering food through these methods.

The real question then is: How will businesses operate delivery and takeout in the future? How will they make these services smooth, efficient, and profitable?

The classic GuestCheck™ order pad provides an affordable option. Although it’s often thought of as a tool for strictly in-house dining, the GuestCheck works especially well for streamlining takeout, delivery, and to-go operations.

How the GuestCheck assists with delivery & curbside pickup

With places to record customer name, phone number, date, order number, and more, these classic order pads help restaurants keep delivery orders organized and moving out the door.

So, what are some of the other ways it provides value for delivery, takeout, and curbside pickup?

  • The GuestCheck makes phone ordering easier by giving restaurant staff a place to quickly and accurately record order information. The GuestCheck includes an area to note any substitutions or special requests without the hassle of trying to find the right buttons on a standard POS system.
  • The GuestCheck provides a physical copy for staging orders that can be kept with the order so that mix-ups don’t occur.
  • The GuestCheck acts as a record of the order that restaurants can use to tally orders at the end of the day. Staff can also use the GuestCheck as a reference in case the POS fails or the register doesn’t add up at the end of the day.
  • The GuestCheck can be used as a receipt that includes order information, prices, and the tax amount.

NCCO offers carbon and carbonless versions of the GuestCheck as well. We listed what you can expect from each below:

  • Single Copy (Carbonless): Useful for recording orders quickly and accurately and for entering orders into a POS system.
  • 2-Part (Duplicate): These order pads allow restaurants to keep one copy with the register as record and a second copy with the order. Staff can use the copy of the GuestCheck to assist with organizing/staging orders before they go out the door (ultimately, the GuestCheck gets attached to food containers or bags so customer has a copy as well).
  • 3-Part (Triplicate): Helpful for operations that do not have a POS system. One copy can be used to record and provide a receipt for customers, the second copy goes to the kitchen, and a third copy stays with the cash register for accounting purposes. 
The GuestCheck provides multiple options for organizing & streamlining to-go & delivery operations.

With a variety of shapes, sizes, and carbon or carbonless versions available, the GuestCheck provides a simple, affordable solution that continues to provide value as the industry changes.

To order the GuestChecks for your restaurant, contact your designated foodservice distributor.

You can also view our inventory of GuestCheck order pads to find a version that works best for you and request a sample.
Or, you can contact us to speak to a professional about customizing your own GuestCheck.