Using Guest Checks for Delivery & Take-Out Orders

Restaurants and foodservice businesses have pivoted to takeout, delivery and grab-and-go orders to stay operational – but many have never offered this before, or if they did, it was in a limited capacity. This causes additional challenges to overcome as these orders are crucial to keeping foodservice businesses alive during closures.

A helpful tool that many restaurants already have in stock, or can easily locate, is the GuestCheck™. While known as a popular server tool for in-house dining, Guest Checks can also be extremely helpful to stay organized with takeout and delivery. With prompts to record customer name, phone number, date, order number and more, these pads will help make delivery and takeout easier for your operation.

Guest Checks:
  • Make phone ordering easier, as orders can be written down quickly & accurately, including any substitutions or special requests, without trying to find buttons in complicated POS systems.
  • Provide a physical copy for staging orders that can be kept with the order, so mix-ups don’t occur.
  • Provide a record of the order that can be either used as the main method of tallying orders at the end of the day or used as a reference in case POS orders don’t match up.
  • Can be used as a receipt that includes order information, prices, tax and total spaces.

Carbon and carbonless versions are available, and benefits of each include:

  • Single Copy (Carbonless) is useful for recording orders quickly and accurately for entering into POS system.
  • 2-Part (Duplicate) allows for keeping one copy with register as record and second for organizing/staging orders before they go out (ultimately attached to food containers so customer has a copy). If restaurant does not have a POS, one copy can record the order and function as a receipt for the customer, and the other copy can go to the kitchen.
  • 3-Part (Triplicate) are most helpful for operations that do not have POS system. One copy can be used to record and provide receipt for customers, second copy used in the kitchen, and third copy kept at cash register for accounting purposes. 
The GuestCheck provides multiple options for operations looking to keep organized.

With a variety of shapes, sizes and your choice of carbon or carbonless paper available, National Checking Company has a version that will fit your needs and budget.

Our Guest Checks are available through your distributor of choice. View our Guest Checks and request a sample or contact us to learn more.