Tamper-Evident Labels: Extending Hospitality with Food Delivery

While many restaurants have opened to patio dining, a large number of guests continue to choose delivery and takeout options instead. So, how can you (quite literally) deliver the same level of service to guests that choose takeout over in-house dining? Consider following the steps below.  

Take Delivery In-House

Bringing your food delivery service in-house helps ensure your customers get the quality service they expect. If you opt for a third-party delivery company, not only do you give a good chunk of your profit to a middleman, you have less control over the quality of service. By choosing a third-party delivery service, your clients become the delivery drivers—not the individuals and families eating your food.

Get Food to the Client Quickly

When they visit your restaurant, guests want to be seated quickly, spend ample time with their menu, and receive their food and check in a timely manner. How does that translate to food delivery? It means guests expect your restaurant to deliver food quickly and to provide anything extra—like condiments and napkins—they might need to enjoy the meal.

Properly Package Food

Keeping food at a stable temperature and looking presentable plays a crucial role in keeping customers satisfied and willing to return. Your food may be tasty, but it can lose its appeal to some people if it’s not the right temperature or if it requires reheating. Consider separating foods of different temperatures with insulated hot and cold bags. Place sauces and liquids in separate containers and wrap them in a cushiony material to prevent messy spills during delivery. Investing in proper food containers that maintain the integrity of the food will help keep your customers satisfied. 

Double Down on Food Safety

Every kitchen should make food handling safety a top priority—especially during the time of COVID-19. Look at food safety training courses as an investment in the health of your customers and the longevity of your business. Even for experienced staff members, refresher courses offer new information or reminders about hygiene, cross-contamination, proper food temperatures, allergen awareness, and more. Having a knowledgeable staff can help save lives and protect your business against negative PR.

Utilize Tamper-Evident Labels

You can ensure food safety with tamper-evident labels. Takeout containers and bags protected by these labels will quickly reveal tampering, which can help deflect negative customer reviews—especially if you’re using a third-party delivery service. For a small cost, these labels provide considerable peace of mind for the customer and will help them have a positive experience with your restaurant. That extra attention to detail will help keep them coming back again and again in the future.

To find the solutions you need to ensure a positive customer takeout experience during the time of COVID, check out our full line of products.