The Benefits of Removable Food Safety Labels

There’s much more to running a kitchen than just delivering crowd-pleasing food to your guests. The food a kitchen creates results from the kitchen staff’s organization and skills in preparation and planning.

Part of what makes a successful kitchen are the tools and supplies chefs and kitchen staff use to prepare and cook delicious meals. These tools and supplies, of course, include cooking utensils and top-of-the-line kitchen gadgets. But even something as simple as a food safety label can make or break a kitchen. To identify fresh ingredients, reduce costs, and manage inventory successfully, kitchens need a proven food rotation labeling system.

So, what are some of the biggest benefits to upgrading your labeling system?

Ensure safe, fresh foods & stay up to code

In a commercial setting, all food that gets prepared or removed from its original packaging must be clearly labeled with a preparation date in addition to a use-by, sell-by, and expiration date. That’s not just standard practice—that’s in accordance with guidelines established by the FDA. And if there’s one group of people who care most about those guidelines, it’s the health and safety inspectors that frequently drop by to make sure restaurants are up to code.

Food safety labels make staying up to code easy by reminding kitchen teams of exactly what information they need to include when they label a food prep container. That’s good for your business and the health inspector.

Save time & money

Standardizing your food rotation labels with color-coded and pre-printed labels allow quick and easy identification of prepped food and other ingredients. These labels leave behind little residue and help businesses save money by reducing container waste.

Reduce food waste (& wasted money)

In the prep-kitchen, staying on top of food expiration dates means reducing waste and saving money. Removable food safety labels offer an affordable way to improve inventory organization. With each prep item labeled with the proper information, your business will find it easier to stay up-to-code and provide your customers with the freshest food possible.

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