How to use register rolls to increase customer engagement

In any customer service-driven industry, face-to-face interaction has always been the best way to engage customers. However, with social media, digital marketing, and the continued development of new communication platforms, face-to-face communication is becoming less prevalent than it once was.

However, customer engagement remains an important element in any business that focuses on service. Customer engagement means encouraging customers to get involved with your business and become brand ambassadors for your business. If you can increase customer engagement, you will create brand loyalty and your company will grow.

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Using register rolls to improve customer engagement

So, how do you accomplish increased customer engagement when it seems most people prefer communicating from behind a screen? Furthermore, what does the preference for digital communication mean for the future of customer engagement, especially for a customer-driven industry like foodservice? In short, it’s time to get creative with the tools you have at your disposal. Below are a few ways to use your Register Rolls to increase customer engagement.

Using register rolls to offer discounts

Every transaction ends with a receipt of some kind. A simple way to boost customer engagement—and a way that requires little investment on your part—is to use your register tape to deliver a message. Everyone loves a deal—try adding customized discounts to the back of your receipts. You’ll draw in more repeat business as people cash in their coupons.

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Using register rolls to get feedback

Another cost-effective way to increase customer engagement is to include a web address on the receipt where customers can go to leave feedback.

Not only will your customers feel valued and respected by being invited to offer feedback, but you’ll also gain a boost in web traffic.

By collecting customer feedback, you can gather valuable data on your stores, services, and products. You can also include on your receipts information about your social media accounts to attract digital and social media-savvy customers.

Using register rolls to promote events

Event promotions are another way to use your register rolls to improve customer engagement. By encouraging customers to visit your social media pages and website, you can keep them up-to-date on current events and promotions happening at your restaurant.

You can also include information about upcoming events right on the register rolls themselves.

Using register rolls for hiring

Recruiting new employees through targeted messages on receipts is another option for customer engagement. Turn your loyal customers into loyal employees with ‘We’re hiring’ information added to receipts.

You already use register rolls and understand the value and quality of the product. Not everyone wants a receipt, but you may still have to print one for them. Give them a reason to keep the receipt and use your investment in unconventional and clever ways.

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