How to Navigate a Surge in Takeout & Delivery

If there’s one thing we can expect from COVID, it’s the constant back and forth between opening and closing in-person dining. With this constant dance between open and close, it seems like takeout and delivery options are just about the only safe bet to count on.

So, how can your business maximize the opportunity to cash in on takeout and delivery? And what items do you need to make this a success?

Here’s Where to Start

First step: post on social media! Although we’ve all been through this before, many of your customers might not realize your business offers take-out or delivery services.

So, if you haven’t posted on social media letting them know, do so now! And once you post on social, do it again. And again. And again.

Why the repetition? Well, sometimes people forget, or they need to hear a message multiple times before it clicks. And not every one of your social followers will see each post.

If someone goes to bed early, they might miss an announcement you post to social media at 9 pm. Just saying—these people exist (and it’s probably more and more of us now in 2020).

Plus, with all the news about how much COVID is affecting the restaurant industry, customers want to support local businesses— even if they’re part of a national chain.

And people always want to treat themselves to some of their favorite food. The pandemic really won’t change that. If you make getting your food easy for your customers by offering delivery, they’ll want your food even more.

When orders start coming in, keep organized with:

11A 01 11A SP
Three-Part Carbonless Delivery Form.

These delivery forms include prompts to record pertinent delivery or pickup order information. They don’t require a carbon insert to create duplicate and triplicate copies either. They can help organize specific order information and record order history through additional copies.

Item codes: 11A-SP, 110SW

P26SI 2.5″ X 6″ SecureIt™ Tamper Evident Labels
SecureIt™ Tamper-Evident Labels.

With an aggressive adhesive and security cuts that break if tampered with while in transit, SecureIt™ tamper-evident labels provide extra peace of mind for customers ordering takeout and delivery.

That extra peace of mind allows customers to have a fully positive experience with your business. And that could be exactly what keeps them coming back again and again.

Item codes: P26SI-2, P16SI-2, P17SI-2, P13SI-2

Dcg Labels Tamper Evident

From food prep and storage to delivery and pick-up labeling, this system can create and print it all. In the process, it will help your business and staff save time and stay organized. If you want custom branding or customer information printed on a label, no problem. The DateCodeGenie can make it happen. It also allows kitchen staff to create and store templates and designs in the cloud for easy access.

NCCO offers SecureIt labels that work with the DateCodeGenie too! Tip: Print your social media handle on labels along with order information for customers to follow you!

Eventually, the world will go back to “normal”—or at least some modified version of it. But with COVID forcing consumers to adopt new habits, you can bet that the demand for delivery will remain high. People will be more comfortable with it now.

So, make sure you’re gearing up to meet the demand now and in the future. By the time this pandemic ends, you’ll have delivery mastered. And you’ll be ready to cash in on it for years to come.

Curious about how to order the products above?

Your preferred foodservice provider likely stocks these products and can provide them during your next drop-off.

You can also order many of these products directly through NCCO by clicking here.