How to Navigate a Surge in Takeout and Delivery

Restaurants, cafes and eat-in foodservice operations have been turned on their heads in recent weeks as orders to scale back to only delivery and pick-up went into effect. To stay active during closings, adapting to these changes is more important for foodservice businesses than ever – but this change can be challenging operationally.

Many people who are at home may not realize your business is offering take-out or delivery – so if you haven’t posted on social media letting them know, do so now! Customers are looking to support local businesses during this time. Plus, who isn’t sick of cooking at home?

When orders begin coming in, keep organized with:

11A 01 11A SP
Three-Part Carbonless Delivery Form.

These delivery forms include prompts to record all pertinent delivery or pickup order information. They do not require a carbon insert to create duplicate and triplicate copies. They can help organize specific order information and record order history through additional copies.

Item codes: 11A-SP, 110SW

P26SI 2.5″ X 6″ SecureIt™ Tamper Evident Labels
SecureIt™ Tamper-Evident Labels.

With an aggressive adhesive and security cuts that break if tampered with or contaminated, SecureIt™ tamper-evident labels provide extra peace of mind for customers when ordering takeout and delivery. They keep food secure and germs out.

Item codes: P26SI-2, P16SI-2, P17SI-2, P13SI-2

Dcg Labels Tamper Evident
Date Code Genie®.

This intuitive automated labeling system champions labeling in many areas of a foodservice operation. From food prep and storage, branding and promotions, to delivery and pick-up labeling, this system will help save time and keep organized.

Date Code Genie labels are available in the SecureIt™  style – aggressive label adhesive permanently seals a delivery bag or container and security cuts make tampering or contamination obvious. Tip: Print your social media handle on labels along with order information for customers to follow you!

When things go back to normal, you’ll have mastered delivery and takeout and will have the tools to continue doing so.

Curious about how to order the products above?

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