How to Increase Repeat Customers for Your Restaurant

The correlation between repeat customers and profit growth is no secret to any successful business owner. Studies show that the cost of acquiring new customers is up to 5 times more expensive than retaining existing customers. There are many things restaurants can do to create customer loyalty and, in turn, increase repeat business. Here are a couple ideas for restaurants to consider implementing to create customer returns:

Maintain Consistency:

Let’s face it, humans are creatures of habit. We like to know what to expect and we like consistency. Changes in routine can decrease the likelihood of regular patrons who like consistency from returning. These changes can be something as simple as new hours, raised prices, or inconsistent service. They might seem minor but if a customer doesn’t know what to expect, they’re less likely to return. Create accurate order taking and efficiency by using National Checking Company’s GuestChecks. This one simple tool can be an easy way to establish consistency in the ordering process. Servers are given ample space to write down orders, promote higher priced menu options and make notes about customer preferences.

Loyalty Programs:

You can use customer receipts to promote a loyalty program and encourage customer feedback. If customers feel valued and their opinions heard, the likelihood of their return is greater. You can also put coupons and referral programs on the back of the receipts. This will not only encourage customers to come back, but to bring someone with them as well.