DuraPeel™ vs. Dissolvable Labels: Which Should I Use?

When you’re searching for food safety labels to meet FDA requirements for your operation, you’ll be inundated with different design and adhesive styles. Before you decide which combination of labels will work best for you, you should understand a little bit more about the benefits and specifications of dissolvable versus removable labels.

Dissolving Labels

Our dissolving labels fully dissolve in any water temperature. Dissolvable labels are also biodegradable, making them an eco-friendly option for restaurants moving toward more sustainable practices. Dissolving labels are great because when you wash the food containers, the labels dissolve, so you aren’t left with sticky residue. Our labels are also FDA-certified and take the guesswork out of food labels. Relying on masking tape to label inventory, on the other hand, forces you to try to decipher information scribbled on the label. Masking tape is also not a food-grade adhesive like our labels.  

Removable DuraPeel™ Labels

Removable DuraPeel™ labels do not dissolve, but they have an easily removable adhesive. Labels leave no sticky residue behind. DuraPeel labels feature a rigid substrate, which means they are a bit sturdier than other labels. You can use them as a closure, and they will not tear.

Choosing an Adhesive

In the end, both dissolvable and removable labels have their benefits. You may find that you require both of them in your foodservice operation. Both are FDA-approved and peel off containers cleanly, so they offer a much better solution than relying on masking tape. Because DuraPeel labels don’t dissolve in water, they provide a better option for using in coolers and freezers.

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