Decreasing Ticket Times

The good news is that Americans eat out.  In fact, Americans eat an average of 18 meals outside the home each month.  When choosing a restaurant, food quality, distance to venue, and quality of service are the key to U.S. diners.

Table Setting

For operators, this “good news” means that speed matters.  Longer than expected ticket times puts venues at risk for fewer table turns, lower sales, poor online reviews and, ultimately, the dreaded reputation for “slow service.”

Operational efficiency is the foundation of creating happy customers and happy customers become repeat customers.  Seasoned managers understand that quality training, efficient production flow, and the right tools in the hands of staff make (or break!) establishments.

Staffing.  Investing in people is an investment in the future of the business. Training time on the front end – and ongoing training for seasoned staff – means a happier and more focused workforce that better serves customers.

Production. Regularly reviewing production flow helps identify gaps. For example:

  • Better Prep. Can any top sellers be pre-portioned prepped to reduce prep time?
  • Streamline Menus. Multiple options mean more hands (and more pans).  Can current offerings be streamlined to reduce prep time?
  • Bottleneck Correction. Which areas tend toward bottle-necking?  Could a change in kitchen layout help alleviate back-ups?

Tools.  Choosing the right Guest Check ensures that order-taking is quick and efficient.  National Checking Company offers a variety of Guest Checks made from recycled material.  Menu prompts at the top of each pad encourages up-selling and the reverse side is lined for beverage orders.  Duplicate carbon (with or without backing) tickets provide a duplicate copy via carbon insert.  The two (or three) part carbonless pads create a duplicate copy without a carbon insert and feature a numbered receipt stub with tax and total lines.  Two-part carbonless sales book are also available that record pertinent information when a duplicate copy is needed.

No matter venue size, investing in training, efficient production, and Guest Checks that allows servers to capture orders, up-sell menus, and decrease ticket time will ensure guest satisfaction and contribute positively to the bottom line.