Save time & improve the customer experience with Up n’ go contactless payment

When the lunch rush hits, servers have dozens of responsibilities pulling at them other than collecting the customer’s bill.

But customers also have other priorities waiting for them back at the office or at home. The last thing they want to do is wait around. Keep customers waiting too long, and it might prevent them from coming back or making a recommendation to their friends.

So, what’s the solution that can speed up the payment process for both customers and servers? It’s as simple as a smartphone, a QR code, and a contactless payment system called Up n’ go.   

How contactless payment from Up n’ go benefits businesses & customers

With app-free, contactless bill payment from Up n’ go, paying for a meal or a drink becomes as quick and easy as scanning a QR code with a smartphone. With this technology, your guests don’t have to wait for their checks or for servers to run a card or grab change.

At the same time, your servers can catch a bit of a break and redirect their energy and focus toward other pressing concerns, like getting food on the table, taking orders, or seating guests.

With Up n’ Go, guests can pay their bills within seconds—all without downloading an app, handing over a credit card, or waiting for their server. It’s as simple as this:

  1. Restaurant staff give a receipt with a QR code to the guest.
  2. Using their smartphone, the guest scans the QR code on the receipt and pays with whatever method they want (credit card, debit card, virtual wallet).
  3. That’s it. Guests and servers each go on their way having saved time and patience. Everyone wins.

When the lunch, dinner, or brunch rush hits, you want your team to save time wherever they can while also turning tables over as quickly as possible. By speeding up the payment process, Up n’ Go helps foodservice teams achieve both goals.

Contactless payment means germ-free payment

Another aspect of the Up n’ go payment system worth noting is that it’s contactless. Completing a transaction no longer requires the passing of cash or cards, and that means no passing germs back and forth either. For restaurants that want to do all they can to keep staff members (and customers) safe and healthy, Up n’ go provides a solid option for achieving that goal.  

So, whether you’re looking to seat more guests, improve the customer experience, save employee time, or keep your team safe and healthy, consider switching to Up n’ go contactless payment. As the restaurant industry changes, this technology can help your business evolve too.

To learn more about how this solution can save your guests and staff time by making the payment process quick and easy, contact your foodservice distributor or visit