Automated Labeling Helps Restaurants Cope with Labor Crunch

test that says Automated Labeling Helps Restaurants Cope with Labor Crunch next to a kitchen worker
NCCO’s DateCodeGenie® fills staffing gaps and helps restaurants meet demand during labor shortages

Restaurants have long struggled to find quality, consistent staff. Service is seen as a transient industry, and long-term staffing is a continuing challenge. But the problem has only grown in recent years, as approximately 400,000 workers are still missing from the pandemic. Restaurant owners and operators have been struggling as a result: A survey conducted by the National Restaurant Association found that 62% of restaurant operators can’t find the staff to meet customer demand.

While some restaurants are looking to actual robots to help bridge the labor gap both in front and back of the house, we have a better (and simpler) idea: Let automated systems take care of time-consuming daily tasks to free your staff up and focus on the things that matter most.

What tasks should be automated first?


Automating your labeling operations will get you the best ROI during a labor crunch. The following text will discuss exactly how the DateCodeGenie automating labeling system will ease the pain of staffing shortages in your restaurant.

Automated Labeling Improves Kitchen Operations

Labels are the glue that holds a kitchen together. From retail and packaged goods out front to prep items and inventory in the back, automating your labeling operations is the key to managing staff shortages and high turnover.

DateCodeGenie for Accuracy

Less staff means restaurants need to function efficiently with less support. Simplifying day-to-day tasks like labeling is therefore the key to success. DateCodeGenie allows restaurants to keep the information on their labels and packaging as accurate as possible, including –

• Accurate allergen information to keep your customers safe
• Updated nutrition information – read more about FDA changes here.
• Dates for prep items and FIFO

DateCodeGenie for Efficiency

Additionally, automated labeling allows businesses to print only the labels they need, which cuts back on waste and the need for excess labor simultaneously.

Not only does it prevent mislabeled prep items from ending up in the trash, but the task of labeling prep items and products by hand can take up to an hour for an employee to complete. DateCodeGenie solves both problems with the press of a button.

DateCodeGenie for Flexibility

Labels can also be designed to include specific looks and branding, reducing the need for additional printing and labeling processes for individual products and items. From a centralized, cloud-based web-portal, operators can modify existing templates or design unlimited labels from scratch using custom fonts, logos and branding, and design whatever they need, wherever they need, whenever they need.

Improved labeling operations help restaurants to do more with less and allow managers to operate more efficiently with less staff. Additionally, staff feel more supported and satisfied in their work, improving loyalty and temperament in the workplace. Improving operations in both front and back of the house with automated labeling and fulfillment helps restaurants weather the staffing shortage storm.

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