The Big Impact of Small Plates

If you’re watching food trends you’ve probably noticed an increased interest in small plates. Whether you’re trying to manage portion control or you just like a smaller portions to have more of a family style dining experience, small plates are a practical and fun option. Something most people can agree on is that American restaurant portions can be pretty excessive. In fact, a study done a few years ago indicates that 92% of American restaurant meals contain way too many calories due to portion sizes.*

In addition to staying trendy and competitive, there are plenty of other reasons that small plates can make a big impact for your restaurant.

Customer Satisfaction:
One of the benefits of small plates is that customers can have more of a customizable dining experience. As consumers, especially Millennials, focus more on what they put into their bodies, the need for restaurants to become more transparent has increased. Higher calorie counts can deter people from eating out. Smaller portions add a new twist to eating at restaurants that appeals to many different consumers.

Cost Effective:
Restaurant owners and managers will also notice a decrease in food costs with small plates. Less over portioning means less money waste and a higher profit margin per entree than entrees plated without proper portioning. In the restaurant industry, food basically equals money so when you waste food, you waste money. Most consumers are willing to pay the same for smaller portions if the food quality is superb. This allows you to charge the same amount for smaller portions, essentially reducing your food waste while increasing your profit margin. This is where the Date Code Genie’s Product Waste Control Tracking Feature adds huge value for your business. With this feature, you can track how much of each food item is used, and when, allowing insight into your restaurant trends and potential areas for change.

Pay attention to plating and presentation when considering small plates. You can literally use smaller plates so the portions don’t look as small. You can also pack more veggies on the plates so they look fuller without adding a lot of extra calories.