A Guide to Reducing Commercial Kitchen Costs

Commercial kitchen costs can start to add up if you’re not careful. Inventory can get out of control, and you might have a lot more waste than you realize. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce costs and see the profits you hoped for in your restaurant. Here are four ways to get started.

Ways to Reduce Costs in Commercial Kitchens

1. Staff Training

With any changes you make in the kitchen, you must also provide training for your staff. If you are changing portion sizes or kitchen tools, ensure you walk through every step with the entire team. Lay out a detailed guide so they can refer to it when you’re not in the kitchen.

If you have other team members responsible for ordering inventory, double check their orders and walk them through how to do it properly. Many people order too much in fear of running out, but this could be racking up major costs in your kitchen.

2. Portion Control

Portions can easily get out of control in your business. One basic way to fix this is to use smaller plates and dishes. If the plates are smaller, the kitchen is forced to use less food. If the changes will be a shock to your regular customers, you can look at a slight price reduction to avoid negative feedback.

You should also utilize proper measuring techniques. Some chefs use eyesight to measure, but getting these down to precise amounts can help save on food costs. It also ensures a quality standard across all your dishes every time they are served.

Investing in portion control products can also make a major difference. This reduces food waste by controlling the amount of food dispensed for every dish. Watch the savings start to roll in when everything becomes standardized, and the kitchen is on the same page for every plate.

4. Invest in Automation

Automation can be a key player in your kitchen and in promoting efficiency in general. You can make use of mobile apps and online delivery systems to increase business and reduce wait times. Robo-cooks are also becoming a reality with AI-based technology and the ability to speed up kitchen processes.

You can also utilize cloud-based systems like DateCodeGenie®  to handle recipes, training, materials, and interactive user content for your kitchen staff. You can also print labels to accurately date all food, reduce kitchen waste, and ensure food safety. Automation can go a long way in every aspect of your business.

Reduce Costs to Invest in Other Areas

You know those old chairs you’ve wanted to replace in the dining area forever? You might just be able to now with these cost reductions in your kitchen. Utilize these methods to make a permanent change and watch your business flourish.

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