Win over the conscious consumer with eco-friendly, phenol-free Blue4est® register rolls

Blue4est® Register Roll Styled

What can your business do to reduce its environmental footprint and appeal to increasingly eco-conscious customers? As it turns out, a lot. Making small, incremental changes—like reducing food waste by using a more efficient labeling system—can add up to make a real difference over time.

However, reducing food waste isn’t the only place where restaurants can lessen their impact on the environment. They can also switch to a more eco-friendly receipt paper like the Blue4est® register roll.

What makes Blue4est register rolls different & how do they work?

Unlike most thermal register rolls on the market, Blue4est uses a physical rather than a chemical reaction to print text and images.

How does that work?

Well, if you look at Blue4est under a microscope, you’ll see several distinct layers. A white base paper makes up the first layer. A black coating goes over the top of the base paper, and the functional layer goes over that.

The functional layer is a bit thicker, and it’s filled with tiny little bubbles. Because they diffuse light reflecting off the paper, these bubbles give Blue4est its signature blue tint. We see the same effect happen in oceans and lakes. In reality, these bodies of water are transparent. But they appear blue to the human eye.  

When Blue4est goes through a thermal printer, the bubbles collapse. This physical reaction exposes the black layer underneath, which then shows up as printed text and images. That’s how Blue4est does it—no chemical reactions involved.

Why choose Blue4est?

As mentioned earlier, Blue4est uses a physical rather than a chemical reaction to print text and images. Not only do text and images last up to 35 years through this process, but they also hold up better to moisture, sunlight, fat, grease, and other common substances that ruin traditional receipt paper. And that’s not the only design aspect that makes Blue4est special.

Blue4est’s manufacturer—Koehler—produces this receipt paper without using conventional phenols such as BPA and BPS. Because it’s phenol-free, Blue4est is approved for direct contact with food. Blue4est is that safe, and it’s so revolutionary that it won the US EPA Green Chemistry Award in 2017.

Plus, Blue4est is safe to recycle, unlike traditional receipt papers that rely on BPA infusion during the printing process. And because it can be recycled without any consequences, Blue4est creates a smaller impact on the environment compared to other receipt papers.

For customers that are increasingly aware of environmental concerns, an eco-friendly receipt paper can be a big deal. According to the Global Consumer Confidence Survey conducted in 2017 by The Conference Board®, 81% of respondents strongly feel that companies should play a role in environmental improvement.

At this point, customers are more than just aware of environmental concerns. They will actually change their spending behavior based on their concerns. So, even a small gesture—like using eco-friendly, phenol-free register rolls—can show customers that your business is committed to reducing its environmental impact.

That’s the attention to detail that creates a greater sense of loyalty among an increasingly conscious segment of customers. For businesses looking to set themselves apart from the competition, even a simple receipt can make a big statement—especially when it’s Blue4est.

To request a free Blue4est sample, visit Blue4est register rolls are available in two sizes: 2.25″ × 55′ and 3.13″ × 200′.