How custom order pads help restaurants streamline operations

There’s a lot to be said for getting a tailored product that fits you exactly. Whether it’s a piece of formal clothing for a wedding, a pair of hiking boots for out on the trail, or new running shoes, you tend to use, appreciate, and enjoy products more if they’re custom-made.

The same idea applies to a custom-designed order pad that fits the exact needs of your restaurant.

So, what are some benefits of custom order pads, what can they include, and what does the customization process look like through NCCO? Read on to find out.

Custom order pad for a restaurant with details listed as side notes listing the details on the paper pad

How custom order pads benefit restaurants

Costing less than a penny per page, classic order pads from NCCO offer an affordable solution that restaurants have trusted and loved for nearly a century.

The reliable, user-friendly design of the order pad makes it an indispensable tool that restaurants keep using despite significant advancements in technology.

For many restaurants, the order provides a more practical solution because of its simplicity. Order pads never run out of batteries or malfunction like other devices used for placing orders.

So, what do you get when you decide to customize your order pad through NCCO? Here are the top three benefits:

  • Increased upselling capabilities: Having custom menu items printed on your order pad helps servers increase their speed with recording order details. Restaurants can customize order pads with prompts and checkboxes that remind servers to upsell certain items, helping restaurants sell even more.
  • Reduced errors: Design your order pad to include charts that help servers get the right food to the right guest—an essential feature for serving parties that order similar dishes with minor details. You wouldn’t want the gluten intolerant guest ending up with the wheat bun. Customizing order pads with seating charts can help servers avoid those common but costly mistakes.
  • Improve communication: By giving servers a place to record order details, custom order pads increase communication between front and back-of-house teams. This boost in communication leads to less food waste (from misread or mis-recorded orders) and happier customers.  
Graphic of small icons featuring a hand serving a restaurant tray, a ruler and a pencil crossed in an x shape, and an award ribbon with text under each graphic

Boosting the productivity of short-staffed teams

While they might seem old-fashioned to some of the tech-savvy restauranteurs out there, classic order pads—like the GuestCheck™ from NCCO—continue to prove their effectiveness in helping restaurants improve efficiency and reduce mistakes. That’s especially true for short-staffed teams. With the labor shortage in full swing, restaurant staff need to save time and energy wherever they can. Custom order pads offer a simple, affordable, and time-tested way of achieving this goal. That’s why restaurants have turned to order pads for nearly a hundred years.

When a restaurant heats up with customers, even experienced servers make mistakes when relying on scrap paper or memory alone. That’s especially true for understaffed teams during the height of the mealtime rush or for tired servers at the end of their shifts.

When things get busy, servers and line cooks can’t afford the time to re-fire a dish, deal with an angry customer, or stop to sort out unclear order details. They need a way to bring consistency to their work. That’s why restaurants all over the world rely on the classic order pad.

Now that you know more about the benefits of this simple, affordable, classic tool, are you ready to order up?

Ready to request a custom order pad? Start here

Getting a custom order pad couldn’t be easier—just follow the three steps below to start enjoying the benefits of your customized solution. Here’s what the process looks likes.

  1. and fill out the short form so that NCCO can start to understand your business and its unique needs.
  • From there, you’ll work with our team of printers and designers to create your ideal order pad—one that fits the needs and requirements of your business.
  • After you approve the design, NCCO’s US-based printing presses will produce your order pad and send it to you through our nationwide network of distributors.

Again, to start designing your custom order pad, call 1-800-328-6508 or visit and fill out the short form.