Sealing to Prevent Stealing

Imagine that it is the weekend and you are browsing options for food delivery. Flash forward one hour – the food arrives, your stomach is growling, and the smell has you drooling.

The doorbell rings and food is delivered. But when you’re back settled on the couch and ready to dive in, instead of drooling, you’re fuming. The container has been meddled with. Fries are missing, a bite has been taken out of your burger, and the straw for your milkshake is slimy—like someone has been drinking out of it already.

Unfortunately, this scenario isn’t too far from reality. In fact, numerous third-party food delivery drivers were caught on camera in California taking food from customers’ restaurant orders. Once officials caught on, they were furious, and rightly so. Not only does this practice eliminate trust, but tampering with food is gross and unsanitary. Restaurants have standards to abide by. Inspectors come to ensure the facility is clean, everything is up to temp and that strict sanitary standards and food safety practices are being closely followed. However, once that food is picked up by a delivery driver and leaves the restaurant, those standards fly out the window. There are no practices in place for hygiene or food safety, and there is nothing to deter drivers from stealing fries.

Lawmakers are proposing a change, and we’ve got the ideal solution. SecureIt™ Tamper-Evident Labels are the ideal solution for all takeaway and delivery food. These labels are crafted with an aggressive adhesive and special cuts that will break if tampered with. Four different label sizes and shapes are made to fit a range of packaging – ensuring that your customers and restaurants will be protected from potential tampering. Because if you SecureIt™, they cannot steal it.

Our secure labels will ensure food safety and increase confidence in delivery food.