Removable vs. DuraPeel™ Labels

Food labeling is incredibly important and as the laws get more strict, proper labeling is only going to become more important. When you use products from NCCO, you can rest assured knowing whatever you choose is going to be a quality product. Still, it’s hard to know which product will meet your needs the best.

Food safety is critical to your business and something that requires diligent monitoring. From the cooler to the prep area, it’s important to know which ingredients to use first to reduce your risk of spoilage. Food rotation systems help you improve inventory management, monitor expiration dates, avoid cross-contamination, ensure customer safety, assure health inspectors that the kitchen is within code, reduce waste and save you time and money.

Here is a rundown of Removable labels and DuraPeel labels to help you understand each option.

Removable labels have a semi-gloss finish and mild removable adhesive. This is a popular option as the labels can be removed from containers prior to washing without leaving any residue. They are also the more cost-effective option. You’ll find plenty of space to write the “use by” date and some of the labels come with a pre-printed day of the week on them. You can also get use first labels, use by labels, shelf life labels, and product labels.

DuraPeel labels are synthetically coated and durable so they won’t break down in water. They are repositionable and reusable. These labels can be removed before or after washing without leaving any residue. Along with “day of the week labels” that have each day printed on them, you can maintain better inventory management with “Use By” or “Use First” DuraPeel labels that standardize an efficient first in, first out inventory control system.

Regardless of what type of label you choose, proper labeling will save you time and money. Deciding between Removable and DuraPeel labels really comes down to functionality and what you need. Both are removable and won’t leave any residue.