Protect Customers with Tamper-Evident Labels

Young delivery man delivering Chinese take away food for young woman, standing at the entrance door and holding two plastic bags in hands.

How often do you wait until arriving home to eat a to-go or pick-up order? The smell of food fills the car and you take a quick bite to ease a rumbling stomach. So, what if a delivery driver does the same to your order?

With the rise in popularity of third-party delivery, this is a growing concern for many individuals and restaurants alike. According to a recent study from US Foods, the average person has two food delivery apps installed on their device and uses them, on average, three times a month.1 Not all restaurants contract with third-party delivery drivers, but many of them do.

US Foods shared that 85% of individuals surveyed said they would like tamper-evident packaging for delivery orders.

The same US Foods study found that nearly 54% of surveyed drivers admitted to considering testing food after smelling the order and 28% admitted to following through on the impulse. That’s more than 1 in 4 drivers. Not only do consumers have cause for concern, so do the businesses where food originates. When food is delivered to your customer and it has been tampered with, trust and loyalty decreases regardless of whether it was your employee delivering or a third-party driver.


So, as a foodservice operator, what can you do to ensure delivered food is safe for your customers’ consumption? With an aggressive adhesive and special cut marks that break if tampered with, NCCO SecureIt™ Tamper-Evident labels provide clear indication of foul play. These strong labels come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit a range of packaging, including paper, plastic, cardboard and foil. While labels do have a tough adhesive and are impossible to remove cleanly, they are easily opened by the customer. SecureIt™ labels empower customers to feel confident their food is safe to consume upon delivery and make it clear that you value their safety.  

SecureIt Sample Sheet

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