Improving Team Operations with the Right Tools

Does your team have the tools they need to succeed? Many times, teams can struggle to succeed or function cohesively because they simply do not possess the tools needed to come together as a team. This stress can trickle to the rest of the restaurant, where guests can also feel the strain. The last thing you want is for your guests to stop frequenting your restaurant because the quality of food and service is diminishing.

There are many great tools available to make your restaurant run more efficiently, thus saving time and money, and helping attract new customers.

Improving team operations may seem more difficult than it actually is. In order to do so, however, you need to take stock of what may be slowing your operations down in the first place: Do you lack the proper equipment? Do you have limited valuable resources? Are you relying on inefficient systems? Is staff poorly trained? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be noticing a ripple effect; just one struggling area in your restaurant can put a wrench in an otherwise well-oiled machine.

In order to ensure service goes well, you need to focus on thoroughly training your employees, from the servers to the prep cooks. Shadowing an experienced employee isn’t always enough, which is why a training manual should be in place so that there is protocol to follow. New employees should have a clear understanding of all practices and policies. A thorough training approach will go a long way in fostering employees that will deliver quality service.

Great communication is the key to building a strong team. Not only does that mean effectively communicating through conflict and stressful situations, but communicating about the business. Changes to the menu, equipment, supplies, practices, and policies should be clearly communicated to everyone on staff. Only informing some staff members can make others feel unimportant and isolated. In turn, their feelings of discomfort might be observed by the customers.

Using the right tools not only has the opportunity to improve efficiency, but to enhance profits. That means you shouldn’t be using broken equipment and inefficient systems, whether it’s your faulty freezer or glitchy ordering system. Simple, effective solutions to everyday foodservice challenges are important too. For instance, relying on the GuestCheck™ rather than a random piece of scratch paper will not only look better to the client, but it will improve communication and efficiency between front and back of house. The Date Code Genie® provides smart labeling solutions at your command and will save time and increase productivity. Not only will you ensure food safety, but you’ll reduce food waste by accurately labeling foods.

The right tools make all the difference. Give your team the tools they need to succeed.