Building Consumer Confidence and Trust Through Tamper-Evident Labels

With restaurant food choices increasingly on the go, food packaging you can trust becomes the key to success. But how do you achieve an added level of safety and security for carryout and food delivery options?

Labels. Specifically, tamper-evident labels.

Let’s discuss the continued popularity of restaurant takeout and delivery, how tamper-proof food labels protect food and drink while in transit, and how consumer confidence and trust in your business will rise as a result.

What are tamper-evident labels?

Secureit Tamper Proof Labels for Food safety compliance from NCCO

Tamper-evident labels feature special cut marks that break when tampered with (as the name implies). They show signs when someone has tried to open or meddle with a product. This is achieved through tamper-proof features in the label material that resist removal or peeling – ultimately impossible to take the label off without damaging it.

Tamper-evident labels can be considered a sort of security label that ensures to-go, takeaway, and delivery food arrives safe and sound at its destination. They provide extra peace of mind for customers ordering delivery and takeout. Not only do they keep restaurant orders safe while in transit, but they also help with food safety compliance as they prevent food items from becoming contaminated with something undesirable during transit.

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Building consumer trust with tamper-evident security labels

The March 2024 report from Packaged Facts – Food Carryout and Delivery: US Market Trends and Opportunities – found that food carryout and delivery is currently a $727 billion market, and is expected to see average annual growth of 5.1% through 2028.

Carryout is food ordered for consumption off-site. This includes to-go, in-store pickup, curbside pickup, and drive-thru food. Food for delivery refers to food ordered by phone, internet, mobile apps, and other channels, then delivered by in-house and third-party services.

Takeout and delivery are continuing opportunities for growth. As people increasingly turn to the convenience of carryout and delivery, ensuring customer orders arrive safe and sound with tamper-proof labels will help ensure customers are happy with their order, and in turn help build consumer trust and brand loyalty.

Retail Brew reports that 85% of consumers report they like it when restaurants use tamper-proof labels to keep their food safe. The importance of security labels for customer peace of mind is exacerbated by the 2022 survey by Circuit in which a whopping 79% of food-delivery drivers admitted to eating customers’ food.

Custom SecureIttamper-evident labels & stickers for delivery

custom tamper evident labels & stickers for delivery from NCCO

The good news is we take care of label security, so you don’t have to. Custom SecureIt™ tamper-evident labels for delivery and to-go food orders ensure the food ordered from your restaurant is safe and secure, and your customers will be happy when the order arrives at its destination.

  • The benefits of tamper-evident labelsare manifold:
  • Secure transit – Food order packaging is sealed, safe and secure
  • Accountability – Impossible to remove or peel labels without clear damage
  • Food safety compliance – food orders won’t be contaminated by potential allergens or other dangers while in transit to destination
  • Build consumer trust and confidence – Customers are more likely to repeat their order as a result
  • Versatility – Labels adhere to a wide variety of packaging materials, including paper, plastic, foil, and cardboard

As people continue to utilize carryout and delivery food services to fill their stomachs, the importance of secure and reliable tamper-proof can make the difference between failure and success.

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