Can Custom Food Packaging Keep Restaurant Customers Coming Back?

Assorted brown food packaging without labels

Foodservice industry professionals know that customers have more dining options than ever. With so many places to eat, it can be difficult for a business to stand out. However, many potential solutions like advertising and event-hosting increase foodservice costs and disrupt your kitchen. However, custom print products help you stay relevant with little cost or effort.

Using Custom Print Products

Increased branding raises your notoriety, converts new customers, and encourages repeat buying. There are several methods to improve your branding, but custom food labels and containers are simple and effective for every kitchen.

Custom food packaging and labels help your brand stand out to customers without disrupting your kitchen. By leaning into custom labels and branded food packaging for your patrons, you can:

  • Increase brand recognition
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Raise your perceived brand value.
Custom Food Packaging and Brand Recognition

Your packaging and labels are far more critical than you think. Customized food packaging often provides the first impression of your brand. If a customer doesn’t like what they see on the package, then there’s a fair chance they’ll purchase from a competitor instead.

Kitchens have dozens of potential touchpoints where clients interact with your packaging, like dine-in, carry-out, delivery, or through your partnerships with local grocers. To boost your awareness and remain established, you should present a solid and consistent brand for all these touchpoints.

Personalized food packaging needs a design that grabs a customer’s attention and helps them recall your brand. Strong branding like this keeps your foodservice familiar and will lead to repeat purchases in the future.

How Buyer Experience Changes with Branded Food Packaging

Branded food packaging also creates a better buyer experience. Ornate labels and containers offer a sense of satisfaction for your customers. Countless people arrive home, look at the custom labels on their food, and feel justified in their purchase.

Your label also satisfies customers when shopping. Some shoppers are incredibly visual and will stop to examine any label that catches their eye. Upon finding a unique product, many customers will purchase from you.

Increasing Perceived Brand Value

Labeling and packaging that creatively displays your brand also increase the perceived value for your clientele. Imagine that two food delivery orders arrive at your home. One meal resides in a blank, brown paper bag. The other order, however, is in a nicely-decorated package with branding on each item.

Which meal would you choose?

Regardless of the contents within the packaging, improved branding increases perceived value. Customers are more comfortable purchasing from a business that uses extra care to label all their products. In addition, these customers are also more likely to purchase from you in the future.

Putting extra care into your packaging displays the quality of your foodservice organization. While other organizations may not take the time, your kitchen can improve revenue with a product that tastes great and looks great.

The Facts Behind Good Branding

High-quality branding leads to a better business, and the statistics support this claim. Better branding, aided by personalized food packaging, has ample benefits for your foodservice organization:

First, customers need multiple impressions to embed your brand into their memory. According to the research, customers need five to seven interactions to remember your business. For customers choosing between two competing brands, the numbers show that people prefer brands that present themselves with a personal touch.

Branding improvements can also have a direct impact on your revenue. As you can see from our graphic, consistent branding increases revenue for businesses and encourages customers to spend more on your products.

Staying at the Top of Mind with NCCO

NCCO custom-printed products help your brand stay at the top of customers’ minds. We can help you promote your business with labels, guest checks, register rolls, and napkin bands. Including your logo or design on these items increases awareness of your brand and ultimately leads to more revenue for your kitchen.

Get started by requesting a quote if you’re interested in working with NCCO to design unique, custom-printed items.