What is a Date Code Genie?

When you’re in the restaurant industry, time is money and efficiency is king.

Yes, food freshness is important for health and safety but it can also affect your profit margin. The right labeling system can address all of those concerns and Date Code Genie is exactly what you need, even if you don’t realize it yet.

Date Code Genie Food Labeling System

You’re running a restaurant so you’re already using some sort of labeling system; be it hand-written labels, color-coded labels, or some hybrid of the two but, chances are, it’s not as efficient as you need it to be. More often than not, other labeling systems create more chaos and questions than they solve. The Date Code Genie brings smart labeling solutions to your fingertips—literally.

The Date Code Genie system is cloud-based, centrally managed and customizable for your kitchen. It will increase label consistency and accuracy, simplify food labeling and preparation, and maximize labor efficiencies. Each device has a full color tablet touchscreen and thermal printer encased in stainless steel. The tablets are WiFi enabled and update automatically every 24 hours. What used to take you 20 minutes to do by hand-writing your labels now takes you 50 seconds with the Date Code Genie. Our system can print 60 labels per minute.

With a wide variety of print options, you can add your logo, ingredients, barcode, custom notes, nutrition facts and allergens to any label. The single printer handles both 2” and 3” labels
and prints a variety of label types including prep, grab and go, nutritional and catering labels.The labels are FDA compliant and can be applied indirectly to food as well as safely applied to cooler and freezer containers.

Your labeling work will take less time and the system is so simple that training your employees to use it is a breeze as well! Restaurants that use the Date Code Genie all recommend it and don’t know how they managed before.You can learn more about the Date Code Genie and about signing up for a product demo by clicking here. Let the Date Code Genie save you time, money, and energy so you can focus on satisfying your customers.