The Benefits of a Bilingual Kitchen

Bilingual Welcome

As we begin a new year, many business owners are going over last year’s profits and numbers and are looking for ways to improve or sustain. In the competitive and sometimes harsh restaurant industry, it’s important to stay ahead of trends and think about the future. Determining which path to traverse to achieve these goals is where the anxiety usually resides. That’s where we come in. We’ve made it our lifetime business goal to help make the restaurant industry run a little smoother and we do that by providing the best products to aid restaurant owners and managers. Consider us your behind-the-scenes support. One way to stay ahead of the curve and create an efficient and inclusive restaurant is to have a bilingual kitchen.

Ensuring that your food prep and rotation systems are up to code and the staff has a clear understanding of health codes is a task all on its own. When the labeling system you use already has bilingual options you’ll save yourself plenty of hassle and your staff will feel more respected. If you have larger labeling needs, the Date Code Genie is our automated labeling system that has multi-lingual options that allows you to produce hundreds of consistent and accurate labels in minutes.

As technology and social media continue to blend us all into a global collective, having knowledge of multiple languages is going to become even more beneficial. When your customer base and staff members continue to become increasingly bilingual, balancing that in a kitchen will be even more important. When you create an atmosphere that promotes inclusivity and collaboration, your outcome is going to be positive.

Money Bag

Value equates to more than finances. Your staff, customers, investors, or anyone else involved in or visiting your restaurant will notice the difference in comradery and the value you place on your employees. You’ll see an increase in efficiency and quality in your kitchen and it’s hard to place a value on that.