Supercharge your DateCodeGenie with CulinarySuite menu management software

Sick of managing menu information across multiple databases and devices? Well, you’re going to appreciate this.

The DateCodeGenie® just got a lot smarter thanks to its recent integration with CulinarySuite menu management software.

So, what does this integration mean for DateCodeGenie users? What benefits will they experience while using CulinarySuite and the DateCodeGenie together? How can CulinarySuite help DateCodeGenie users make more informed decisions and streamline operations?

We explore the answers to these questions below.

But first: How does the DateCodeGenie integrate with CulinarySuite?

Upload your menu and recipes to your CulinarySuite portal and forget having to update your DateCodeGenie portal separately.

The two databases automatically connect and sync real-time nutritional information every time your DateCodeGenie updates. It’s that simple—no need for manual entry.

By eliminating the need for manual entry, CulinarySuite gives your team the extra time to focus on more critical tasks, such as bringing your delicious recipes to life.

When your staff members need to print a label, they get the speed of the DateCodeGenie and the accurate, up-to-date information of CulinarySuite. Now that’s a recipe for success.

Populate your labels with reliable information

Through their CulinarySuite portal, DateCodeGenie operators gain access to one of the most accurate and current libraries of menu items and their nutritional information, making menu and recipe creation simple and easy.  

Out of all the features included in CulinarySuite, the nutritional facts calculator might be one of the most helpful. Need to know all the nutritional information for a single ingredient or recipe? You can find that with the nutritional calculator.

For instance, if an operator types in “lettuce,” the database will pull up all the nutritional info for that specific ingredient.

Rather than manually entering that information into their DateCodeGenie, operators can use CulinarySuite to update their information using the nutritional calculator.  

And since CulinarySuite updates every ten minutes, DateCodeGenie operators can relax knowing that every bit of information they’re using is current.

User-friendly “traffic lights” built into CulinarySuite help DateCodeGenie users navigate tricky compliance and regulatory requirements. DateCodeGenie system administrators can also use CulinarySuite to create custom menu rules and ensure that menus meet health and nutrition requirements.

Easily estimate costs & reduce waste

Running low on a particular key ingredient? Using CulinarySuite with the DateCodeGenie allows you to customize recipes based on the food you have in stock. Additionally, the software automatically tracks food costs, menu price, nutritional information, and allergen information of the ingredients you have on hand.

Instant updates from CulinarySuite give you a constant, real-time view of the big picture. This overview allows you to make informed, data-driven decisions on what to buy and when to buy it.

The software will even help you transfer your excess inventory from one location to another, allowing your organization to reduce costs and cut down on food waste.

How much are you spending per meal? CulinarySuite makes it easy to find out with its advanced analytics. By giving you real-time costs for each ingredient, CulinarySuite allows your organization to cut costs and increase efficiency while providing delicious, nutritious meals.

Simplify & speed up your menu planning

Schools, hospitals, restaurants, and catering operations differ from place to place, which means you need a nutritional database that accounts for those differences.

By using CulinarySuite with the DateCodeGenie, you can quickly and easily create custom-branded menus that meet the needs and requirements of each location.

The software allows users to automatically produce tray tickets for individual patients, residents, customers, or students based on meal period, room, laws, dietary needs, and demographics.

And that’s just the beginning.

CulinarySuite allows DateCodeGenie users to simplify the complex task of managing sales revenue, catering, and reimbursements with its built-in customizable revenue management system. Get the data you need to make informed decisions in the same place where you manage your menus.

Stay HIPPA compliant & HL7 integrated

Do you worry about staying compliant with strict legal standards? CulinarySuite has you covered.

When you integrate CulinarySuite with your DateCodeGenie, you can connect to your existing HER system(s) to generate real-time patient or resident information. This information can then transfer over to your DateCodeGenie labels so that it’s ready for your team to print out when needed. Again, no manual updates required.

This function allows your team to safely provide patients or residents with the personalized care they deserve. Recipe suggestions generated by CulinarySuite consider the dietary preferences of individual patients, residents, students, and customers. The database considers allergies, precautions, supplements, fluids, medications, tube feeding, and other factors when making recommendations.

By creating informed suggestions, CulinarySuite gives you the information you need to make informed decisions that benefit the individuals you serve. What’s not to love about that?

Ready to integrate your DateCodeGenie with CulinarySuite?

Take the next step toward increased efficiency and more intuitive menu management by integrating CulinarySuite with your DateCodeGenie automated labeling system.

Contact us to start the upgrade process and let us know that you’re interested in the DateCodeGenie and CulinarySuite integration.

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