Putting the “Convenience” in C-Store

C-Stores are convenient for a reason. They offer quick food options for people on the go, whether they’re traveling or they only have a few minutes for a lunch break. But the trend we see increasing in popularity are convenience stores carrying healthy foods. From hard-boiled eggs and hummus to fresh fruits and vegetables, conveniences stores are catering to a large group of individuals who want convenience, but they also want nutritious food in a one-stop shop.

As the foodservice industry continues to grow and expands to c-stores, the industry is forced to adapt to consumer preference. Current consumer preference is quick, healthy options. With an increasing number of new dietary restrictions and allergies, consumers want to make sure the food they’re consuming is safe for their needs. In order to provide these options, food safety needs to be made a priority. That means food must be properly labeled and dated, much like you would see in a restaurant kitchen.

Labeling and packaging has the potential to make or break a sale for the consumer. When making a purchase, they not only want to ensure that the product is allergen-free, but that the food is properly sealed and fresh. Without easy-to-read labels that provide the ingredients, date of preparation, and the sell-by date, the customer may not make a purchase and the c-store loses a sale. This can also contribute to excess food waste.

The Date Code Genie®, NCCO’s automated labeling system, makes labeling fresh, healthy foods as convenient as the c-store itself. Professionally printed labels not only ensure food is safe for the consumer, but it will carry your brand outside of your store. Detailed labels will make the consumer feel confident that they are truly making a healthy decision when it comes to the list of ingredients and the date of preparation.

If you haven’t adopted this latest health food trend that is here to stay, it’s time to see the benefits this intuitive system brings. Curious to take it one step further? Request a demo of the Date Code Genie.