Food Spoilage and How to Prevent It

We’ve all spent at least one Saturday afternoon, disgusted, nauseous, and trying to be brave while cleaning the remnants of dinners past from our refrigerators. What was once a delicious pasta dish now seems like something from a horror movie and you are forced to decide whether to salvage your storage container or just toss it along with the spoiled food. It’s wasteful and we feel bad about it, but sometimes leftovers just don’t get eaten, veggies go bad before we can do anything with them, and we forget about that takeout box way in the back of the fridge. Food spoilage in a restaurant is probably not as dramatic, but the impact is far greater than the waste from individual homes.

Rotten Tomatoes

Restaurant food spoilage costs an average of $35 billion a year globally. Not only is this a problem of waste, it’s also a problem impacting revenue and business. There are several factors that impact and cause food spoilage. They are:

  • Air
  • Damage
  • Enzymes
  • Insects, Rodents, Parasites, etc
  • Light
  • Microorganisms
  • Temperature
  • Time

So, when things like air and time can cause food spoilage, what can be done to prevent it? It’s really all about being organized. Restaurants can monitor everything from how much they buy in comparison to what they sell, the orders coming through the kitchen, and what’s used for food prep. The best way to stay organized is with the right tools. National Checking Company has a variety of options available to help with efficiency and waste.

Date Code Genie

The DateCodeGenie is the perfect solution for label consistency and accuracy. When things are properly labeled, food spoilage and waste can be reduced enormously. Label everything from the walk-in cooler to the dry storage area. This helps you use older food first before it can spoil. Our Date It Food Safety Labels are another simple solution to help with food waste. Ultimately, we want to help you protect your products, reputation, and customers while you save time, money, and food.