Automated Labeling for On-the-Go School Meals

Changing to distance learning has changed the way schools provide meals to students, too. Depending on state-by-state regulations, many schools across the nation will not return to in-person instruction until school begins again this fall. While there are many unknowns about what the future will look like, one thing is for sure: School lunches are very important for many students.

Each day, 30 million students are served by the National School Lunch Program, many of whom rely on this offering as a means for nutritious, healthy food.

Schools have adapted to distance learning by mobilizing staff whose jobs would otherwise be on hold to team up with bus drivers on their routes to deliver lunches to students. This delivery style lunch continues coverage, but also increases the importance of proper labeling. Allergies, dietary restrictions and nutrition regulations must continue to be considered – printing these crucial pieces of information clearly on labels makes assessment easy and ensures a safe meal for every student.

With the Date Code Genie®, school foodservice operators can:
  • Quick-print labels for frequently prepped items
  • Easily customize labels with school logo and branding
  • Display ingredients, allergens & nutrition information clearly on labels
  • Control multiple district schools in one place

Multiple label adhesives are available, including a tamper-evident style. The Date Code Genie will provide benefits to school foodservice operations both immediately and well into the future.