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Prioritize Food Safety in the Kitchens

Food safety is one of the most important concerns in the kitchen, but also one of the easiest for staff to overlook. With proper tools and training, your foodservice operation can maintain high standards of food safety and ensure diners won’t be in danger of illness or worse.

DCG X223 Single Printer Automated Labeling System

Automated Labeling

Print everything from custom allergen and nutrition information labels to prep, sell-by, and use-by labels with the simple press of a button.

R101 3 1 X 1 Removable Labels Family

Removable Day of the Week Labels

Color-coded Day of the Week labels make prep labeling a breeze, and will remove completely from containers without leaving any sticky residue behind.

DSLBX23R PROPAK 2” X 3” Shelf Life Dissolving Label Box

Food Rotation Labels

Improve inventory management, prevent cross-contamination, and keep customers safe with a variety of FDA-approved styles to ensure nothing is served or sold past its expiration date


Food Safety Training  

ANSI-accredited Food Protection Manager, Food Handler, and Allergen Awareness food training courses ensure staff have the tools they need to keep your kitchen safe.



Founded in 1905, National Checking Company evolved its original GuestCheck™ from a notepad into a true multi-use tool that improved service and enhanced sales and profits. Since then, NCCO’s assortment of quality products and offerings has grown immensely and is available nationwide through leading foodservice distributors.

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Products Helping Your Business Thrive

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Guest Checks

Restaurants worldwide rely on our original GuestChecks™ to simplify service, streamline operations in the front and back of the house, increase sales and profits and enhance customer satisfaction.

register tape

Register Rolls

High-quality, long-lasting register rolls made to fit virtually any machine. Our rolls are available in BPA-free thermal, one-ply and two-ply paper, in a variety of width and packaging options. With a unique adhesive-free starter edge, changing out rolls is quick and easy.

Food Rotation Label icon

Food Safety Products

With all they have going on, kitchen staff need a uniform
system that makes labeling prep ingredients efficient. DateIt™ food rotation labels come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and adhesive types to meet your kitchen’s specific needs.

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Automated Labeling

Make the label creation process smooth and simple with an all-in-one system, the DateCodeGenie®. Automate, standardize, and accelerate labeling so that you can get back to what you do best,
delighting your customers.

We provide simple, effective solutions to everyday foodservice challenges. 

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