What can DateCodeGenie Scanners & Scales Do for You?

Creating labels for prep-inventory, retail items, grab-and-go meals, and delivery orders—the DateCodeGenie® has quite a few capabilities. And it can now help your staff do even more thanks to the addition of new scales and scanners.

Ensure Accuracy with the Detecto Enterprise® Scale 

For businesses like delis and butcher shops, having a reliable scale is a business necessity. By pairing the DateCodeGenie with the Detecto Enterprise® APS20 scale, butcher, grocery, and deli staff can weigh items and print quality labels that display price, weight, logos, QR codes, ingredients, and more.

The DateCodeGenie and Detecto Enterprise scale combination also allows you to design and print custom labels for almost any menu item. In addition to labels for deli and retail items, the DateCodeGenie allows you to design and print brand stickers, date labels, personalized catering labels, grab-and-go labels, and much more.

Whether you’re weighing items, designing labels, printing branded stickers, tracking waste, or computing costs, the DateCodeGenie gives you the flexibility to do it all. That’s because it’s more than a scale—it’s a weighing and labeling system.

Manufactured from easy-to-clean stainless steel, the Detecto Enterprise Scale works with several of our DateCodeGenie models. Each scale comes with a three-year manufacturer warranty. With a compact 10″ × 10″ footprint, this scale fits easily in delis, shops, and areas with limited space.

Save time & money on waste-tracking with the anti-microbial Bluetooth scanner 

For businesses that run to-go or grab-n-go food services, complementing your DateCodeGenie with a scanner can help save time and money in the waste-tracking process. Staff can take these wireless scanners out on the floor and use them to record leftover inventory. This simplifies your waste-tracking and reduces the hassle of training employees on how to track waste.

The cordless Datalogic Gryphon™ 4500 scanner connects to the DateCodeGenie via Bluetooth and charges wirelessly. By connecting to the cloud, the scanner automatically saves the information you collect in your inventory-tracking system. Staying connected to the cloud also means you won’t lose information if your system goes down.

On its own, the DateCodeGenie takes labeling to the next level through its automation, simplification, and customization. By pairing it with the scale and scanner, you unlock even more potential, helping you better serve your customers and get back to what you enjoy most.  

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