Common Restaurant Injuries & How to Avoid Them

The restaurant industry provides a variety of job opportunities. From front of house to the kitchen, the restaurant industry currently employs around 15.3 million people worldwide.* One thing that all restaurant workers have in common is that the risk of injury on the job. In fact, severe injuries are more than twice as frequent among food workers, and the risk of occupational death, 9.5 times higher than those that occur in non-food jobs.** Knowing which injuries occur most frequently is the best way to manage and avoid those injuries in the future. Here are a few of the most common restaurant injuries and a few ways to help prevent them:

Ergonomic Injuries:
These type of injuries are caused by repetitive work. Muscle strain, never damage and foot paint are among these types of injuries. Taking breaks and moving around can help prevent ergonomic injuries.

Slips & Falls:
These injuries are common in the restaurant industry because of wet surfaces near sinks or grease on the floor. Slips and falls can cause sprains, breaks, and fractures. Avoid these injuries by providing slip-resistant mats and enforcing a dress code that includes non-slip footwear.

Burns & Cuts:
Perhaps the most common form of injury in a restaurant kitchen, burns and cuts tend to happen when working with hot surfaces and sharp tools. Using oven mitts and protective gloves can help prevent injuries. In the event of an injury, NCCO’s complete line of First Aid Kits and components help make OSHA/ANSI compliance simple. Keep your staff safer and protected when injuries do occur.