Transforming Your Restaurant to Meet Social Distancing Standards

As businesses around the world look to re-open, they must still follow social distancing guidelines to ensure that both customers and staff stay safe. Many restaurants can open under the stipulation that they must follow specific rules, like keeping tables at least six feet apart or only serving guests outside. It’s time to adapt!

Floor Graphics

Even though restaurants are able to open, social distancing is still a top priority. Floor graphics can be utilized to keep patrons at least six feet apart. They can also be used to direct the flow of traffic.

Distanced Tables

In order to conform to social distance recommendations, be sure that you are placing tables at least six feet apart.

Sanitizing Stations

Regularly sanitizing products that are frequently touched by waitstaff and customers is highly recommended. Set up a sanitizing station to make sure all condiments on the table are cleaned between guests. Once guests order, their menus should be placed in a pile to be sanitized before another guest receives it. The same should be done for check presenters and pens. Consider investing in sanitation labels so that guests and staff members know when items were last sanitized.

Masks & Gloves

Restaurant workers and customer-facing staff members may elect to wear an extra layer of protection like masks and gloves not only because they are handling food, but because they are in close contact with a lot of customers.

Take it Slow

Some individuals are nervous to come into the restaurant. Make sure you’re still promoting your takeout and delivery options. Encourage people to place their orders before they come in so that they can pick them up quickly and reduce their time in the restaurant. If you’re used to hosting trivia nights or other events at your restaurant, consider holding off until it feels absolutely safe to do so, or considering an online event instead.

Check Internal Processes

Business may still be slow, as you may not be operating to full capacity just yet. This is a perfect time to scale back your menu according to what isn’t selling, to take a look at cutting down food costs and to determine how you can widen your profit margin based upon what’s selling.

Remember, it’s important to make sure that the food you are serving is also safe. You can do this by relying on food safety labels to keep track of prep dates and expiration dates.