How California’s SB 476 Will Affect Your Business

And How Always Food Safe Can Help

Senate Bill No. 476


An act to amend Section 113948 of the Health and Safety Code, relating to food safety

Senate Bill No. 476 – an act to amend Section 113948 of the Health and Safety Code, relating to food safety – recently passed in California. This bill requires employers in California to cover all costs associated with food handler training. As of January 1, this bill is now in effect.

What has changed? A State Accredited Food Handler Card may already be required in California kitchens. However, the business owner is now responsible for covering the costs associated with this certification – including exam completion time.  

Who Needs a California State Accredited Food Handler Card?

All paid employees in a food facility or mobile food facility (catering/produce trucks, carts, etc.) involved in preparation, storage, or service of food, are considered food handlers, and need a California food handler card (source).

Always Food Safe Online Food Safety Training and Certifications

AFS Food Handler training is as an essential solution best meet these new regulations and ensure compliance with the new bill. You can get your California Food Handler certificate online to meet regulatory and health department requirements.  

Our online Food Handler training course provides ANSI-accredited, video-based learning to teach you what you need to know about food safety. 

Here is what sets Always Food Safe apart:

  • ANSI Accredited 
  • Completely online, video-based format 
  • Course available in both English and Spanish 
  • Takes around 2 hours to complete 

Our Food Handler Card courses ensure all guests are safe as they go out to dine, and an establishment, be it a formal or fast casual restaurant, café or diner, bar or pub, has the tools they need to keep their patrons safe.

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