DateCodeGenie® Labeling Solutions

DCG R22 2 Removable 2” X 2” Blank DCG Label

The DateCodeGenie® system is cloud-based, centrally managed, and fully customizable to meet your needs. It revolutionizes food preparation and labeling processes, dramatically increases efficiency and accuracy, and maximizes labor efficiencies.

Each device includes a full-color touchscreen and thermal printer/s—some encased in kitchen-grade stainless steel and some in hard plastic. The WiFi-enabled system updates automatically every 24 hours.

The thermal printers handle 2″ or 3″ labels and print a variety of label types, including shelf life, prep, grab and go, catering, and made-to-order products.

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Models that support your unique operation

datecodegenie 2.0

DateCodeGenie 2.0

High flexibility and economy provided by a single printer.

datecodegenie x series

DateCodeGenie X Series

Dual printers provide greater flexibility and workflow.

datecode genie fit

DateCodeGenie Fit

Smaller profile designed to stay up and out of the way in tight spaces.

DateCodeGenie Lite

Cost-effective and portable solution for kitchens with limited space.