COVID-19 – A Message from Ben Olk III, President of NCCO

April 3, 2020

Dear Valued Customers, Brokers and Partners,

To begin with, I hope that you are taking good care of your teams and their families. Although we are all concerned about the economic impact of this pandemic, I am most concerned about the physical well being of all those who have helped us through the years.

Like much of the country, in Minnesota, we are under the “Shelter in Place” orders from our state officials, however, because of the essential nature of a number of our products, we have retained the ability to fulfill orders and respond to your requests. Our inventories are at sufficient levels. Our customer service folks can process your requests remotely. And our logistics team is in place to most efficiently ship the products to your locations. 

We have built in contingencies to manage this crisis for the long haul but are hoping for a much quicker recovery. Either way, because of your support and confidence, we have built a strong foundation that will allow us to survive now and thrive with you all later.

Take care and stay safe.


Ben Signature

Ben Olk III
President, NCCO