What Do Guests Remember When They Leave Your Restaurant?

How do inspire guests to keep returning to your restaurant? What makes them visit every time they have an exciting milestone to celebrate, or recommend it to their out-of-town guests? What do they remember about their dining experience? Of course, food is of the utmost importance at a restaurant. If the food isn’t superior, guests will have no reason to visit again. It should be a given that your restaurant offers good food. You must take it a step further and make sure your restaurant is hospitable, speedy and accurate.

There are plenty of perks you can offer your guests that will make for a memorable experience. The first thing your guests will notice is the ambiance of the restaurant. Have you created an inviting, comfortable space? Guests want to feel welcomed by waitstaff. If waitstaff isn’t friendly, guests may remember your restaurant, but not in a good way. Staff should be genuine and welcoming. They should sell the menu and be aware of dietary restrictions. One of the most memorable things servers can do is use the guest’s name and thank their guests for dining in.

Speed and accuracy are of the utmost importance at every restaurant. If you leave guests waiting, they aren’t going to be happy. Whether they must wait to order, receive their food, be kept waiting to pay, excessive wait time will invite guests to remember your restaurant for all the wrong reasons.

Going hand-in-hand with speed of service is accuracy. If your restaurant delivers food to customers quickly but fails to send out the right food to the right tables, guests can become very frustrated.

The original GuestCheck™ is the perfect way to ensure speed and accuracy. Not only will this tool create it easier for staff members both at the front and back of house, but it’ll give your guests a more enjoyable dining experience. GuestChecks include plenty of room to write, which gives servers plenty of space to clearly write down orders with specific requests or substitutions. This ensures that kitchen staff will be able to clearly read orders and ensure accuracy of the food that gets sent out. With less time spent trying to decipher orders, food will get out to guests quickly. GuestChecks also make for a more professional and personal experience. They are much more professional than an old scratch pad, and they are more personal than recording orders on an iPad.  

Not only will speed and accuracy increase with GuestChecks, but they are also made of EarthSafe recycled material, which will appeal to many modern diners that appreciate green practices at restaurants they visit.