Six Tips to Help Boost Business During COVID-19

Those of us who work in the restaurant and foodservice industry have needed to get a little creative this year. For restaurants to boost business during COVID-19, it’s necessary to try new things and present different options to your customers. Get some ideas for COVID-friendly dining by checking out the list below.

Menu Adjustments

In any regular year, you likely change your menu with the seasons. 2020, however, is no regular year. Seasons aren’t the only factors to consider these days while creating a menu.

Here are some ways to adapt to the circumstances of 2020.

Family-Style Dining

If you want to attract more families to order for pickup or delivery, think about what you can do to adopt family-style dining in your restaurant. Busy parents still love the idea of having an order-in night or having someone else make dinner for them – and their options should expand beyond fast food!

Meal Kits or Take-and-Bake Options

Another option you might consider for families on the go is creating a meal kit or take-and-bake option. Meal kits are another great option for busy families who want a specialty meal but don’t have the time to put one together.

Pantry or Grocery Items

When customers were at their most panicked, many restaurants replaced traditional sodas and sides with things like toilet paper or hand sanitizer to boost orders. Now that we’ve had time to calm down a bit, these items aren’t as scarce but they still make unique additions to orders. Aside from toilet paper and cleaning products, consider other grocery items that people might not want to travel or venture out in public to find.  

Extra Incentives 

We’re all familiar with the idea of happy hour or dinner specials. Now, restaurants can benefit from “flattening the curve” of the lunch and dinner rush by offering off-peak specials instead. Some restaurants jumpstart stagnant sales with discounts and special buys on gift cards.

As the holidays approach, this is a great time to take advantage of these types of deals. The holidays are also an excellent time to consider a philanthropic promotion. For example, your customers can purchase a meal for $5 or so over the regular ticket price, and then you can donate $5 to a charitable organization.

Offer Peace of Mind

Perhaps the most important thing you can offer your customers is the certainty that their food is safe. We offer a full line of COVID safety stickers and tamper-evident labels to help with that.  

We want to help you promote safety and cleanliness in the way you do business. If you have any questions or concerns about our sanitation products, contact us today. We’re happy to help.