Increasing Orders with the GuestCheck™

There are several ways you can work on improving your restaurant’s sales, whether it is by diversifying your offerings, building your digital presence or utilizing a loyalty program. One of the easiest ways to improve sales is by looking at how your waitstaff is taking orders. Maybe they have a great memory and can simply memorize their orders but relying on memorization can be challenging. Using the GuestCheck™ is an easy, effective way to take orders. The original GuestCheck is the perfect way to not only make things easier for front and back of house, but it is a simple way to increase order size.

Waitstaff that are attempting to memorize orders can easily make mistakes as they try to remember everything. While trying to remember all the orders and substitutions, trying to upsell items may be the least of their concerns. In times of COVID-19, servers are also trying to remember a variety of extra regulations and safety precautions. Upselling is one of the best practices servers can implement to help increase revenue for the restaurant. As soon as guests sit down until they leave, servers can entice them with different menu items, from drinks to entrees and dessert. One of the great things about the GuestCheck is that you can include menu prompts on them that will remind servers to upsell certain items, like the most profitable ones.

Not only do the GuestChecks feature a seating diagram and menu prompts, they are easily organized and feature plenty of space to write. There is no more chicken scratch all over a random scrap of paper, so it is much easier for the back of house to understand what orders are being placed. This helps get the food out quickly and moves guests through the dining process at an efficient pace so that they are not waiting too long.

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