Toss that Roll of Masking Tape: Why Proper Food Labels are Essential

It’s time to toss out that old roll of masking tape and pick up a roll of food-safe labels. How many times have you been in the kitchen trying to read a masking tape food label, and you’ve been scratching your head trying to figure out what the labels said? Either your coworker has terrible handwriting, the masking tape ripped, or the information isn’t clearly organized. A proper food label solves all of those issues. Let’s talk about why masking tape is a no-go.

You might be wondering why you’d pay for fancy food labels when you could just rely on handy dandy masking tape. For starters, masking tape is not designed for use in the kitchen; it is not food-safe. The residue it leaves behind when it’s torn off food containers poses a contamination risk. You may be thinking about the cost of labels compared to masking tape but imagine the high cost you’d have to pay if you were cited by the health department for unsanitary practices. If you think masking tape is easy, you haven’t experienced the efficiency and ease of food labels using the Date Code Genie®.

You must also consider how many times the masking tape is touched by different hands, or how many times it may fall on the floor, only to be picked right up and used again. Imagine how many germs are collecting on the masking tape. Now imagine yourself ripping off some tape and placing it on a clean food container, then touching food to continue your prep work. It’s not a sanitary practice. By utilizing the Date Code Genie and label dispensers, you’ll keep your labels organized and sanitary. NCCO offers FDA-approved styles such as dissolvable, reusable, removable and permanent labels.

With DateIt™ labels and the Date Code Genie®, you can also rely on labels that are easy-to-read. The Date Code Genie® automated labeling system takes the guesswork out of food prep and labeling. Food labels offer a standardized, organized, easy-to-use and universal way of labeling food as you move throughout the week. Throw that masking tape in the garbage.